COVID-19: Letter to all employees

“We are experiencing a critical time that is far different from other crises in the past. The true difference is that we are facing a social emergency and not only a financial or business crisis, that deeply impact our personal life and our daily habits.
I think that during these weeks of forced break, at your homes with your families, you are being overwhelmed by news, press conferences, emergency orders and every kind of statistics. I don’t want to bother you with analysis and figures representing the spread of the virus. However, I would like to share with you my pain and sadness in watching the huge number of elderly people die because of the coronavirus: I believe all of them had a wrongful end. At this regard, I personally invite you and your families not to underestimate the typical symptoms (fever and cough) and not to wait too long before connecting with the dedicated sanitary institutions.”

If you want to read the all letter written by P. Pozzi, Agrati CEO, click here.