Smart manufacturing marks a real paradigm shift in industry, allowing the achievement of very high levels of efficiency and sustainability, but making it necessary to redefine the entire production-management process and introducing a new competitive advantage: data management.

In this context, intelligent manufacturing does not simply require investments in new capital goods in the various phases of data acquisition, management and analysis, but requires a new organizational intelligence and a strategic vision able to leverage on truly data-driven decisions and to be able to seize all the new business opportunities made possible by the hyper-efficient and flexible processes of this new industrial paradigm.

The Digital Meeting “Intelligent Manufacturing: when data makes the difference” will aim to share success stories related to intelligent manufacturing, with direct testimony of companies that, thanks to the integration and management of data, have achieved significant improvements in the production process or have exploited new business models, both in the company and in the supply chain.

We will discuss this in a round table with: Lorenzo Zaniboni (Operations Director, AGRATI), Giovanni Marinoni Martin (Vice President, ORI MARTIN), Vincenzo Russi (President and Chief Excecutive Officer, E-NOVIA) and Lorenzo Zaniboni (Operations Director, A. AGRATI). The meeting will be moderated by Corrado Panzeri (Associate Partner & Head of InnoTech Hub, The European House – Ambrosetti).

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