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Special screws produced by Agrati Group offer functions such as self-tapping into sheet metal, self-forming into metal, self-forming screws into plastic counter partspaint clearing, ground path contactclinch and weld-ability.

Screws are designed to fulfill customer demands on specific application:

  • Adapted geometry thread shape, head and tip shapes.
  • Mechanical properties and finishing.
  • Drive system.

With the licences available in Agrati’s portfolio, we can ensure the most efficient and reliable options to achieve the most cost-effective designs and appropriate mounting parameters.

Through its capacities and experience in heat treatment, Agrati can harden it’s product in accordance with most of automotive standards (quench and tempering according to ISO 898-1), case hardening, carbo-nitriding to adapt the screw to the application.

We can provide a wide range of finishes (corrosion resistance, appearance, friction coefficient, self-locking feature, sealing, induction hardening) which can be performed internally or at the wide list of qualified sub suppliers according to customer requirements.