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Agrati includes in its catalog a wide range of special products with advanced technical features. These special screws are produced through a modern heat treatment process that allows for tempering them in compliance with the most important and restrictive European and international standards and regulations. These specific types of screws can also be coated both internally and externally with various materials to increase their corrosion resistance, modify the friction coefficient, and enhance their sealing function.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in demand for this type of product from the automotive market, including major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. This has led Agrati to create a specific portfolio from which to choose the best product to meet their needs.


Licensed screws are designed to have specific functions depending on the materials to which they are applied.

    • Self-tapping screws on sheets or plates of limited thickness
    • Self-forming screws on metals, plastic, and/or thermoplastic materials
    • Self-tapping, electrical ground contact, rivets and weldable screws
    • Screws with self-aligning tips.


Thanks to the licenses acquired by the Agrati Group, we can guarantee the most efficient and reliable bolting options and the most appropriate assembly parameters to meet the requirements of automotive customers.

Utilizing its capabilities and experience in heat treatment, Agrati can harden its products to meet the highest automotive standards, including hardening and tempering to ISO 898-1, case hardening, and carbo-nitriding, thereby better adapting the screws to specific applications.
We offer a wide variety of coatings, (including corrosion resistance, enhancing appearance, adjusting coefficient of friction, providing self-braking function, and sealing function). These coatings can be applied in-house or by qualified suppliers.