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The special fluorinated-polymer coating.

Coating general description

It’s a special fluorinated-polymer coating.
It’s black coloured due to the presence of graphite inside the formulation.
It may be used as a replacement of plugs, caps, and plastic protections utilized to avoid the contamination of threads by welding and cataphoresis coatings.

Technical advantages
  • Anti-seize
  • Integrated lubrification
  • Dry to touch
  • Barrier coating on fasteners which are to be processed through electrodeposition primers and welding operations.
  • Prevents weld sputter sticking to the treated area, leaves the treated surfaces untouched by the primers.
  • Controlled coefficient of frictio: μth = 0.12 – 0.18 (according to ISO16047)
  • No detachment when subjected to blowing for 5 seconds with compressed air at a pressure of 3-4 bar (>45 psi) from a distance of approximately 30 mm.
Application types
  • on internal or external threaded parts to avoid the contamination caused by weld sputter and accumulation of paint.
  • on Zn / ZnNi plated and passivated parts
Application process and environmental safety

Applied by spray method; it is Cr(VI) and heavy metal free.

  • During the process the parts are subjected to a maximum temperature of 250°C for the polymerization (the corrosion resistance will be reduced).
  • In case of uncoated parts it could be necessary to reach a temperature of 300-400°C for the pre-treatment cleaning and the surface should also be pretreated by μ-sandblasting with corundum.
  • In parts with complex geometry thickness variations can occur.
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